Omaha Bryan High School Students Tell #WhyIWantToWorkInTheSupplyChain

Joshua Hogrefe, instructor for the Omaha Bryan High School Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Academy prompted his students with a writing assignment entitled #WhyIWantToWorkInSupplyChain as a response to the MHI #iWorkInTheSupplyChain awareness campaign and video. Students explain how through their hard work and dedication, supply chain career pathways are a perfect fit for youth considering career options for their futures. Omaha Bryan High School is located in Omaha, Nebraska. Over 130 students are currently enrolled in 10th-12th grade coursework to better position themselves to be leaders in a global supply chain economy.

Omaha Bryan High School is part of MHI’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. This program supports a number of categories of agencies and schools, among these being (but not limited to): High Schools, Technical and Career Centers, Community Colleges, Technical Colleges, Job Corps, DECA Programs, Correctional Organizations with a training and education component, and United States Military.

The CTE mission is to provide instructional support to educational institutions seeking to provide training for entry level students in the area of warehousing and distribution, supply chain and logistics. Material handling and logistics is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in America, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

CTE offers:

-Industry expertise
– Instructional materials developed by practitioners
– Equipment for working warehouse labs
– Teacher workshops
– Exposure to the industry through participation in MHI trade events

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