Oxford Economics

Oxford Economics Offers Valuable Insight to MHI Members

Did you know that MHI provides members with 12 industry forecasts by Oxford Economics along with Weekly Economic Briefings and Commodity Price Forecasts?

Industry Forecasts

Industry Forecasts for Q3 are available now. They are most helpful to companies that sell to customers in the following industries:

Aerospace ● Basic Metals ● Chemicals ● Pharmaceuticals ● Construction ● Consumer Goods Utilities ● Energy & Mining ● Electronics & Computers ● Engineering & Metal Goods ● Intermediate Goods ● Motor Vehicles ●

Weekly Economic Briefing

The Weekly Economic Briefings are posted every Monday and explore recent economic news and upcoming releases. The briefings are most helpful to companies that want to understand economic trends.

Commodity Price Forecast

The Commodity Price Forecastsare posted during the last week of each month and contain price estimates for steel, aluminum, copper, oil, etc. They are most helpful to companies that manufacture goods, transport goods, or purchase manufactured goods.

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