Pallet Dominoes World Record Broken

By Alex Batty, MHI Marketing Communications Coordinator |@mhi_alex

*Monday Night Football theme plays* *in announcer voice* Welcome, Ladies and Gentleman, to the wacky world of material handling, where tonight we bring you news of record breaking pallets!

*clears throat* *resumes regular voice* Okay, so I couldn’t resist. But this is a fun post.

So my boss sends me an email the other day that just says “This looks right up your alley for a blog article” and a link.

AND SHE WAS SO RIGHT!!! (She knows me so well… awwwwww.)

I click on the link, and BEHOLD:



The sound is so fascinating. It will haunt my dreams as the siren’s call of many a light workload day in the receiving docks of my college job days.

Also, that’s a lot o’ pallets – 1,377 plastic pallets, set up dominoes style.

The article on Supply Chain 247 states that the idea came from Exporta Global’s Head of Marketing (*wiggles eyebrows* my people) to generate interest in the products. WELL CONSIDER ME INTERESTED!

You can read more about the process at Supply Chain 247.

See? Material handling can be just as wacky and wild as other industries. Marketing is fun here 🙂