ProGMA Unveils New Search Tool to Help Determine Protective Guarding Products

ProGMA now has a new search tool to help you quickly find the protective guarding products you’re looking for.  This tool is a one-stop resource for facility managers/safety managers/end users to access comprehensive information on any and all guarding products. Not only does it list, explain and show examples of technology solutions, but it also links to the companies that sell them, making it easy to request a quote. This tool is solely focused on protective guarding equipment allowing you to find what you’re looking for fast!

“This is a very exciting development, and we’re very proud to make this comprehensive resource available for the Supply Chain Industry and those interested in Warehouse Safety!” Says Haley Craig, ProGMA Marketing Committee Chair.

Another benefit is the searchability of the tool. You can search by category and even by company. The category search has obvious benefits, but the company search is unique in that if you are familiar with a company already, you can see what other products the company has to offer. Additionally, you can look to see which companies offer the widest range of products for a certain solution, therefore minimizing the number of suppliers you have to work with. Through a simple search, you can easily determine the proper protective guarding products you need and receive a list of manufacturers that offer the equipment. It’s really the perfect tool to use when starting the purchase process.

“Protective guarding in material handling and warehousing is always of top importance, but determining the right products for each area within the facility can be confusing if you don’t know what you are looking for,” says Aaron Conway, ProGMA Chair and Mezzanine Safeti-Gates, Inc. President. This new search tool created by ProGMA members can help users narrow the decision by matching safety equipment to specific areas or scenarios that are typically found in those facilities. It will be a valuable tool for users in the industry, whether they are just starting their career or have years of experience.”  

Visit to start searching for your next protective guarding equipment solution.