ProMat 2017 Educational Sessions: Sustainable Facilities

This work is part of a series on the educational seminar opportunities at ProMat 2017.

This year at ProMat 2017, we’re introducing a seminar theater dedicated to Sustainable Facility Solutions located in the North Hall of McCormick Place.

This year you’ll be able to learn about:

Reusable Packaging for a Sustainable Supply Chain

Date: Monday, April 03 | 1:00-2:00PM | Sponsor: Reusable Packaging Association (RPA)

Reusable packaging systems continue to expand as a preferred means to achieve both performance and sustainability in the transport of goods through supply chains. Learn why reuse is the circular solution for sustainable transport packaging and how industry … read more

Sustainable Distribution Center Design

Date: Monday, April 03 | 2:00-3:00PM | Sponsor: REI

When REI made the choice to build the most sustainable distribution center in the world, they also committed to sharing how it was done. The integrated design approach created a unique collaborative approach that stretched the imagination of what was possible … read more

Optimizing Product Protection, Factoring Damage and the Costs and Environmental Impact of Increased Packaging

Date: Monday, April 03 | 3:00-4:00PM | Sponsor: CHEP North America

This session examines how CHEP helps customers optimize levels of product protection with quantitative testing and analysis of the trade-offs between product damage and the costs and environmental impact of increased packaging … read more

Automation Trends in Reusable Packaging

Date: Tuesday, April 04 | 10:15-11:00AM | Sponsor: ASME Consulting, LLC

A panel of experts will discuss trends and advancements in automation technology and equipment for the handling of reusable transport packaging products. Learn how the automation opportunity for reusable packaging is impacting product design, packing operations … read more

Unlocking One-Touch Omni-Channel Distribution

Date: Tuesday, April 04 | 11:00-12:00PM | REI

REI’s vision for their new facility in Arizona extended beyond sustainability and asked “What if technology could enable picking and order assembly in one-touch?” REI then identified partners who were energized by the challenge and pursued the solution … read more

Selecting the Right Reusable Bulk Packaging Solution For Your Supply Chain

Date: Tuesday, April 04 | 12:00-1:00PM | ORBIS Corporation

As supply chains become more global, the way companies move and ship product is changing rapidly. Factors like trip distance, footprint, payload, handling requirements, packaging material and labeling requirements are all critical when making packaging decisions … read more

Investing in Solar Energy

Date: Tuesday, April 04 | 2:00-3:00PM | Canadian Solar (USA) Inc.

Commercial rooftop solar systems have become the new wave in the solar industry. Many commercial and industrial rooftop owners are finding their unused rooftop space can be converted into solar power plants that contribute significantly to their business bottom … read more

Sustainability Trends Within Supply Chain Management

Date: Tuesday, April 04 | 3:00-3:00PM | Box Latch Products Made By Eco-Latch Systems LLC

Consumers today are very concerned about the impact products; services and the companies who produce them have on the greater world. Commercial buyers and end user consumers are looking for independent third party assurances regarding the health and safety … read more

Cut Reusable Packaging Losses Using Smart Logistics

Date: Wednesday, April 05 | 10:15-11:00AM | ReturnCenter

How many of your reusables never get returned?  Learn how ReturnCenter applies smart reverse logistics technologies to reduce or eliminate packaging asset losses. See how cloud-based tools connect all parties to a common set of data for maximum visibility … read more

Teaming Returnable Solutions with Automation

Date: Wednesday, April 05 | 11:00-12:00PM | Georg Utz, Inc.

Understanding the value proposition of combining automation with rigid returnable containers.  Explore the operational benefits and execution strategies that can be implemented to meet various business case scenarios … read more