ProMat Recap Day 2: US Roadmap 2.0 and the Brightest Minds in the Industry

Day 2 of ProMat was busy and had a lot going on. Let’s jump in and hit the highlights:

The updated US Roadmap (2.0) came out and discussed the future of supply chain and how companies need to navigate the accelerating change of the industry.

Marcus Lorenz had a packed morning keynote discussing Internet 4.0 and how intelligent machines are transforming supply chain.

The Women in Supply Chain Forum kicked off a great discussion of how to address common issues faced by women in supply chain.

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Stacey Hodoh pointed out that even if she might not be looking for something now, ProMat “also allows me to get out in front and understand solutions that may not necessarily fit the need at the moment, but it may help in terms of long-term strategy.”

ProMat is your place to find what’s next.