Protective Guardrail: More Than Just Compliance

By MHI Industry Group ProGMA

Last week we discussed the recent OHSA ruling on updating their fall protection regulations. But guardrail isn’t just necessary for compliance with those regulations. Safety guardrail can also provide a strong physical and visual barrier, further increasing safety in warehousing or distribution facilities. This week we thought we’d highlight three ways that facilities can use safety guardrail as a physical barrier to protect some of their most important assets.

Protect Pedestrians

The most efficient way to prevent injuries between lift truck and pedestrian traffic is to create defined travel lanes within the facility for each party. By separating motorized and foot traffic with safety guardrail, the likelihood of collision is greatly reduced. Additionally, unencumbered by slower moving pedestrians, lift trucks can move more quickly, increasing operational efficiency.

Machine Sheltering

One of the most effective ways to protect personnel from machinery related injuries is by using industrial machine guards around equipment that could potentially cause bodily harm. By safely guiding the casual onlooker away from a potential hazard, trained personnel can work without distraction.

Lift Truck Guidance

Floor mounted, steel rack protectors are a type of guardrail that can help mitigate the damage caused from a lift truck collision with a racking or shelving unit. In addition to increasing the storage unit’s visibility, these specialized guards are designed to absorb the impact, reducing the potential for unit and product damage.

When installed correctly, guardrail systems help facilities achieve more than just compliance with OSHA’s regulations. These essential pieces of protective equipment can help facilities reduce downtime, cut workers’ compensation claims and lower insurance costs. Additionally, the strategic application of guardrail within a warehouse or distribution center can help companies achieve greater levels of protection for their employees and equipment. Companies looking to enhance their facility’s safety with guarding solutions should consider partnering with an experienced material handling solutions provider like the members of ProGMA. Their knowledge can help companies protect the things that matter most. Learn more today at