Robots are Taking Over (Jobs) – But That’s Good

As technology continues to develop and robotics in particular gains in AI and dexterity, people are starting to ask if robots are going to take our jobs. The short answer: yes. But that’s a good thing.

The thing is, robots aren’t really stealing our jobs, they’re improving them. They’re safer, more reliable, more ethical than exported labor to countries where labor laws or lack thereof can endanger people. They’re cost effective, often delivering ROI in around a year.

What this means is that while robots are doing the dangerous jobs that people don’t actually want, and saving money doing it, it leads to more desirable jobs remaining in North America because employers can afford it. Employers can afford to promote innovation and education. There may be short term displacement, but in the long run, this trend is a good thing.

With greater automation comes greater efficiency, safety, and productivity. Manufacturing and material handling will not only survive, but can really prosper as it increases focus on innovation and ingenuity. So robots may take over some jobs, but in return, it will allow for more meaningful jobs for better pay.

That’s a pretty good trade-off.