Safe + Sound 2020 Year In Review

With the onset of COVID-19 in 2020, the importance of workplace safety was highlighted more so than ever.  This is why the 2020 year round Safe + Sound campaign, powered by the United States Department of Labor, was particuarly helpful in encouraging every workplace to have a safety and health program. MHI’s Overhead Alliance including CMAA (Crane Manufacturers Association of America, Inc.), HMI (Hoist Manufacturers Institute, Inc. ) and MMA (Monorail Manufacturers Association, Inc.) industry groups participated with the OSHA’s CHM Alliance in helping to bring awareness to workplace safety programs and to recognize safety successes. As we look back throughout the year, here is an overview of the Safe + Sound campaign results.

– 1.9 million workers were provided with safety and health resources from 3,452 business that held Safe + Sound Week events
– 3,452 business held Safe + Sound Week events
– Businesses from all 50 states and 51 countries participated
– 68,590 participants received regular safety and health messages
– 1,049 people on social media mentioned Safe + Sound Week a total of 1,900 times reaching 16.1 Million Followers

As we move into 2021, we must continue to stress the importance of workplace safety. Safety has benefits far beyond moral obligation and compliance. When integrated into your operations as a key indicator of quality, safety will save money in the long-term. For more information on how safety saves money, view MHI’s Worker Safety: Costs and Quality video on MHI View.