SATO America Provides a Ready-To-Use Solution with a Secure Health Screening and Labeling Kit

MHI member companies are among the leading suppliers in the manufacturing and supply chain. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of these member companies have been doing amazing things to better our citizens’ safety and the security of our economy.   

We spoke with MHI member company SATO, a leader in thermal printers and RFID labeling systems, about their health screening and temperature measuring kit called TEMPCHECK. SATO reacted immediately to customers’ needs during the onset of COVID-19 to provide a ready-to-use solution with a kit that included a printer, labels, and software.    

SATO’s healthcare division recognized a need for application in all verticals as employees returned to the workforce. No matter what the sector – retail, manufacturing, food service, or corporate – employers need support in providing a safer workplace. The CT4-LX TEMPCHECK Kit monitors employees, customers, and visitors’ health to minimize the risk of spreading illness.   

An essential part of this pivot to a broader audience was to create a step-by-step video of the application and an easily adaptable software program. The CT4-LX TEMPCHECK Kit is a ready-to-use solution that can be used to monitor both employees and guests and safeguards the information within a confidential logging system.   

The Kit includes Employee and Vendor (customer/visitor) versions of the TEMPCHECK software, so data is kept separate. Other features include pre-loaded health screening questions, HIPPA compliance, and compatibility with any temperature reading device. For an additional fee, the software and label design can be customized.  

For SATO, the rapid change brings a recognition that they can quickly react to instant business changes by providing more value to customers with a customizable, complete solution. Orders started coming in within 24 hours of release, and demand is increasing daily. SATO recognized that small changes help deliver products that are more efficient and address customers’ pain points. For other companies wanting to pivot, SATO’s advice is to observe current situations and be ready to react promptly to business changes.  

If you are an MHI member company who is also making a positive impact in these times of need, we want to hear from you! Please contact our MHI Membership department with your story.