Security & Supply Chain: How Secure is your Cloud Data?

by Sterling J. Scott, Marketing Communications Coordinator, MHI | @mhi_sterling

With more and more businesses using cloud storage and cloud-based applications, there is a greater risk for cybersecurity threats. There are many businesses using highly-secured cloud services; however, there are many who are not. Consumers are also at risk. Hundreds of personal celebrity photos were leaked online in September after iCloud accounts were hacked. Apple, a global technology leader in both consumer and business electronics, was unable to secure the data. Even worse, the threat was not detected until the accounts were hacked and the photos were leaked. Businesses and consumers alike are in need of security for their data that develops as quickly as the cloud storage technologies.

With e-commerce growing quickly and mobile technology emerging as a force in supply chains, data security is becoming increasingly important as payment and transaction information as well as secure files are at risk of being accessed by hackers. For consumers, many are losing confidence in the security of their file protection through cloud services. Cloud services be secure and storage capacity must continue to increase as business and consumer data grow in size and number.

According to studies cited in The Inquirer from Netskope and Gartner:

– 70% of businesses do not trust the cloud

– 84% of respondents doubt that “their cloud service providers would notify them immediately if their intellectual property or business confidential information were breached”

– 64% of respondents believe their organization’s ability to protect confidential information is hindered by the use of cloud services

– 59% believe “the cloud makes it difficult to secure business-critical applications”

– 75% of applications would most likely fail “basic security tests”

Cloud based supply chain management applications are a reality today and can be utilized by all firms regardless of size. Make sure you assess the data security of cloud applications in order to protect your supply chain.

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