Solutions Spotlight: Videos Help to Share Safety Story

Content was pulled from MHI Solutions Magazine 

Recently, the Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association (ProGMA) created two videos: “Pick Module Safety” and “Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRC) Safety.” Both videos have received praise from across the industry.

Aaron Conway, president of Mezzanine Safeti-Gates, Inc. and the vice chair of the ProGMA, feels industry professionals should take the time to watch the videos.

“In the new video on pick module safety, people can get an overview of an entire pick module system to learn about all the potential hazards, the best methods of securing these hazards and the companies that provide these solutions. This is relevant material to anyone that uses a pick module, or plans on installing one, as well as someone who designs or services pick modules. The videos show a wide range of scenarios and solutions in a compact, easy to understand manner,” he explained.

The 25-year industry veteran expects the microsite on which the videos are located to be an important resource for those looking for specific solutions that member companies’ offer.

“There are a variety of resources, from case studies to a list of equipment photos and member company profiles. It’s a great resource for protective guarding for anyone in the material handling industry. The video resources, beyond the pick module video, should be used as a good overview of what to look at in your own facility or your customer’s facility to recognize other hazards,” Conway concluded.

Jarno Palo, product and strategic marketing director for ProGMA member Troax Folding Guard, expects the safety videos to play a pivotal role in addressing a number of potential accidents and injuries.

“Member companies provide the necessary guarding solutions. The video touches on solutions that span a wide range of guarding, including machine guarding, safety barriers, rack backing and fall down preventing netting to name a few. There are far too many pinches and fall downs in industrial environments,” he said.

The VRC Safety Video shows boxes, pallet and unit loads moving up and down between levels.

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