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Carolina Panther Thomas Davis to make history with 3D printed brace for Super Bowl 50

When Carolina Panthers’ all-pro linebacker Thomas Davis takes the field this Sunday, he will be the first NFL player to wear a piece of 3D printed equipment on the field. And he picked the sports biggest stage to do it, […]

MHI VIEW RELEASES NEW VIDEO ON how 3D printing is allowing for mass personalization of goods

MHI view just released a new video on how 3D printing technology is allowing for mass personalization of goods that will change the way supply chains are structured in the future. In the video, David Roberts of Singularity University and […]

Logistics firms test 3-D Printing to see if new technology can shorten supply chains

UPS recently rolled out 100 industrial-grade 3-D printers in its Louisville, KY hub. They are testing to see if 3-D printing centers could shorten supply chains, cut costs and give them a better chance of taking advantage of the emerging trend of […]

Leveraging additive manufacturing is giving companies a competitive advantage, today

As additive manufacturing (3D printing) has matured, the benefits for commercial and industrial applications are becoming more recognizable. Forward thinking companies are leveraging the technology to gain a competitive edge. Direct digital manufacturing (DDM) is a process that employs additive […]

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