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Amazon challenges students to develop robotic picker

Amazon recently held its inaugural “Amazon Picking Challenge” which inspired mechanical engineering and computer science students from around the world to design robots that can grab objects from warehouse shelves and place them in bins, tasks ordinarily done by people. […]

West Coast Ports look to automation to stay on top

An automated future is part of an efficiency plan at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. These ports have been losing market share for nearly a decade to rivals in Prince Rupert, British Columbia and Savannah, Georgia where it […]

The Rise of Automation 
and Robotics in Supply Chains

On “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” Captain Jean-Luc Picard often pondered the week’s signature conundrum over a cup of comfort. “Tea. Earl Gray. Hot,” he’d say to the Replicator, and a moment later it would materialize. We’re not quite there […]

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