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MHI’s Mobile Automation Group (MAG) Presents Webinar: Shaping the “Cyber for AGV/AMRs”

Webinar: August 7, 2024 | 2:00 PM EDT | Register   In today’s digitally interconnected world, the proliferation of Mobile Automation has revolutionized how industries operate, offering enhanced efficiency and precision. However, this rapid growth also presents significant cybersecurity challenges. One […]

MHI Cybersecurity Workshop

7 Takeaways of Attending the MHI Cybersecurity Workshop This September

You’re invited to attend the MHI Cybersecurity Workshop this fall — September 17th at MHI Headquarters in Charlotte, NC. As the growing risk of cyber-attacks take center stage for material handling and supply chains, the need to adapt and strengthen […]

MHI Cybersecurity Workshop: Cyber Risks and Strategies for Building Resilience for Your Company

Tuesday, June 11th | MHI Office, Charlotte, NC | Register In today’s complex digital landscape, the growing risk of cybersecurity is taking center stage. The need to adapt and strengthen business defenses against cyber threats is critical and our industry […]

“Jobs of Tomorrow”: Put A Lock On It: Cybersecurity and the Supply Chain

In a world where cyber mischief is as common as morning coffee, MHI’s Jobs of Tomorrow docuseries confronts the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity in supply chains. Long before the pandemic hit, supply chains faced a different breed of challenges – […]

Cyber Risk and Vendor Security Management

The digital supply chain has brought new efficiencies and strengthened connectivity among partners. For companies to remain competitive today, engaging in the digital supply chain simply cannot be avoided. However, the digital supply chain also has brought an array of […]

As Cyber Threats Grow, Companies Adopt Cybersecurity as a Service

How good is your company at detecting intrusions into your computer network? Even if you aren’t aware of any problems, hackers may already be in your system and accessing your data. “It’s not at all uncommon that the first time […]

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