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Manufacturers must adapt to a changing industry that will look very different in the future

Firms that want compete and thrive in the future must adopt strategies to address the new technologies and customer demands that are transforming the manufacturing landscape, according to a new survey from Grant Thornton. The report, titled “The Future of […]

ProMat Recap Day 2: US Roadmap 2.0 and the Brightest Minds in the Industry

Day 2 of ProMat was busy and had a lot going on. Let’s jump in and hit the highlights: The updated US Roadmap (2.0) came out and discussed the future of supply chain and how companies need to navigate the […]

Cloud Computing

New Video on MHI View: Transitioning to the Cloud

As part of MHI’s ongoing video program, this new episode focuses on: Transitioning to the Cloud Implementing cloud computing technology can be a make or break¬†factor in which businesses can compete in the future. Level of investments in IT infrastructure […]

Digital Supply Chain: It’s All About Data

New digital business models are increasingly more complex and exponential data growth is overwhelming businesses. Report by EY Global Technology Sector Leader, Digital Supply Chain: It’s All About Data,¬†argues the solution to simplify and standardize big data is through the […]

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