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Major brands are investing in solar energy

In an increasingly competitive business landscape, major brands are turning to solar energy to stay ahead. From large corporations such as Walmart, General Motors, Johnson & Johnson, Staples, Walgreens, Costco, Apple and IKEA to small, local companies, U.S. businesses are […]

DHL Reports on future logistics trends

DHL recently released its Logistics Trend Radar 2014 report. The report sketches a future landscape for logistics professionals and the challenges they will face and outlines solutions that are in development. “The logistics industry is undergoing rapid and profound changes” […]

Supply Chain Software Market Grows 7.3%; Small Vendor Sales Up 18.3%

The global supply chain management and procurement software market grew 7.3 percent to $8.9 billion last year, with small vendors combined significantly outpacing the overall industry growth rate, according to Gartner. Supply chain investments remained a high priority even as […]

Manufacturers Start to Trade Offshoring for Botsourcing

Robotics technology is boosting manufacturing and employment in the U.S., and in developed economies has led to “botsourcing,” that is, the return of manufacturing from overseas, according to a new Harvard Business Review HBR Blog Network post. Botsoursing, bringing production back […]

NIST awards $9 million in planning grants for manufacturing technology

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently awarded 19 advanced manufacturing technology planning grants totaling $9 million to new or existing industry-driven consortia to develop technology roadmaps aimed at strengthening U.S. manufacturing and innovation performance across industries.The grants, […]

Sustainability & Supply Chain: Smart Grid Technology

by Sterling J. Scott, Marketing Communications Coordinator, MHI | @mhi_sterling The development of smart grid technology presents a great opportunity for manufacturing and and the supply chain. Coined in 2003, the term refers to a class of technology that uses computer-based […]

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