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US Economy

Handling the US Economy: The Economic Impact of the Material Handling Industry

Material handling is an essential part of supply chains around the world and is a vital part of our growing digital economy. This is why MHI worked with Oxford Economics to produce the first-ever Economic Impact Report. MHI commissioned this […]

MHI View

MHI Next-Gen Supply Chain Update: Artificial intelligence

It’s no secret that the supply chains of the future will be built on artificial intelligence and that future is almost here. Many organizations know that if they don’t get there soon, they’ll be left behind. But discerning a path […]

4D Printing

New Video on MHI View: 4D Printing

3D printing has now become a feasible option for manufacturing replacement parts in-house and customizing mass-manufactured goods. But what is the next step? For the past several years, a new application has been researched and has the potential to revolutionize the manufacturing […]


Designing Robotics with the Workforce in Mind

Robotics and automation have quickly become the supply chain and manufacturing industries’ top choice to update systems and increase productivity.   With smaller options now available, some robotics designers are adopting new philosophies: that these mobile robots are a tool […]


Power Up Your Marketing Efforts at ProMat 2021

Leaders in supply chain and manufacturing industries are always looking for the newest equipment and technological innovation to power up their operations to take them to the next level of efficiency and customer service. ProMat 2021 is your opportunity to […]

Digital Business Transformation

Digital Business Transformation: Becoming Customer-Centric

As the Amazon effect continues to drive customer expectations, customers must tailor their supply chains more and more to deliver on the customer experience. E-commerce operations don’t have the opportunity to reinforce brand experience in the traditional venues that brick […]

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