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E-commerce and the demand for omni-channel fulfillment

by Carol Miller, MHI VP of Marketing and Communications E-commerce sales are growing 20% annually and are expected to reach $750 billion globally this year. This global shift toward e-commerce is changing how the retail and logistics industries operate. This […]

Omni-Channel Delivers

Pop quiz: A customer in Atlanta orders a tie from a retailer’s e-commerce site. One tie is located in a distribution center (DC) on the outskirts of town. Three more are located in the flagship store in New York. Which […]

83 Percent of Retail CEOs Believe Supply Chains are “Not Optimal” to Meet Omni-Channel Demands

Over 50 percent of retail CEOs see supply chain as strategic differentiator, but many are not making required transformation to take advantage of the pace of change. according to a recent survey by PwC titled CEO Viewpoint: The Strategic Role […]

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