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How To Safely Access Pallets When Loading And Removing From Elevated Work Platforms

Post by Rack Manufactures Institute (RMI) As more operations add pick modules, rack supported platforms, and elevated work platforms to increase the throughput and capacity of their picking zones, facility owners need to be aware of safety requirements for fall […]

Rack Safety

Rack Inspections 101: Guidelines Ensure Safety, Productivity

by MHI Industry Group blog, RMI Rack Safety  Conducting periodic rack inspections to verify that a facility’s industrial steel storage rack complies with applicable standards are not only recommended by RMI, they’re also the best way to ensure the safety […]


The Basics Of Safe Guardrails For Elevated Work Platforms

by MHI Industry Group, RMI (Rack Manufacturing Institute) To maximize the overhead space in their facilities, many operations utilize elevated work platforms, pick modules, or rack supported platforms upon which workers access stored items. Because they’re working above ground level, […]


Will Your Rack Design Require A Seismic Force Review?

by MHI Industry Group, RMI (Rack Manufacturing Institute) It’s a common misconception that seismically designed rack is only found west of the continental divide. In fact, earthquake activity has been documented in multiple regions throughout the U.S., including the Midwest […]

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Why It’s Safest To Work With A Qualified Rack Engineer

by MHI Industry Group, RMI (Rack Manufacturing Institute) Throughout RMI’s two published guidelines—Considerations for the Planning and Use of Industrial Steel Storage Racks and Guideline for the Assessment and Repair or Replacement of Damaged Rack—repeated references are made about the […]

Rack Safety

Three Ways To Protect Rack Column Anchors From Forklift Damage

by MHI Industry Group, RMI (Rack Manufacturing Institute) As a safeguard against the industrial steel storage rack falling down, anchor bolts are used to secure column base plates to the facility floor. Critical to the structural integrity of the rack, […]

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