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Digital, Always-On Supply Chains Are the New Reality

Anyone who attended ProMat 2017 experienced it. Technology is disrupting supply chains and transforming them into more digital, connected and intelligent models. And there is no end in site. Consumers are driving this trend as they demand more buying options […]

Supply Chain

Five Supply Chain Advances to Be Thankful For

If you work in the supply chain industry, chances are you are always looking at ways to become faster, smarter and more profitable. This is why the supply chain world sometimes focuses on their short comings before celebrating their successes – after all that’s business! In […]

MHI Executive Summit Preview – Brian Federal

Brian Federal is heavily involved in the world of 3D printing, AI, and robotics. When studying 3D printing, he discovered that it is important to look around at other technologies and see how they interact to influence the development of […]


Guest blog by Meghan Hennessey, MODEX 2016 exhibitor Clearpath Robotics The New Year is upon us and with that comes predictions of what 2016 has in store. Will Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) continue to drive materials on the factory floor? […]

Automation fuels job growth and demand for higher skill sets in the supply chain

Automation is creating improvements in manufacturing and supply chain efficiency that is driving up profits and employment. According to a new white paper titled “Robots Fuel the Next Wave of U.S. Productivity and Job Growth” there is a strong correlation […]

MHI view releases new video on the benefits of robotics and automation

MHI recently launched a new video platform – MHI view. MHI view content is designed to spark supply chain innovation by sharing useful information about the industry’s maturing, growing, and emerging technologies that were identified in the 2015 MHI Annual Industry […]

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