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Building Supply Chain Sustainability

By Carol Miller, MHI Vice President of Marketing and Communications Although sustainability has been a buzzword throughout supply chains since the dawn of the new millennium, the push to implement greener facility designs and practices has ebbed and flowed. The […]

Target and Whole Foods Win at Climate-Friendly Cold

We recently wrote about how the FDA is testing milk-based films for food products, and the technology, if it becomes widely used, would have a beneficial impact on the environment. But many large companies are also continuously working on becoming […]

Celebrate National Pony Express Day!

By Alex Batty, MHI Marketing Communications Coordinator |@mhi_alex It’s National Pony Express Day on the 28th and we thought we’d highlight it because, if you think about it, it was an early form of supply chain and material handling. Hold […]

New Video on MHI View: Conducting a Sustainability Audit in the Supply Chain

MHI view just released a new video on conducting a sustainability audit in supply chain. There is a demand today for companies to have more sustainable practices. In most cases, this shift is projected to actually cut costs. But before […]

Ensuring Supply Chain Supplier Sustainability and Transparency

Sustainability is a buzzword that has come to play a critical role in the development of any company’s reputation. Over the past decade, consumers have gasped at headlines exposing the unethical working practices of suppliers to major brands. In 2007 […]

It’s Time to Collaborate to Create Transparent and Sustainable Supply Chains

by George W. Prest Chief Executive Officer, MHI Happy New Year! It is hard to believe that it’s 2016. The new year is always a time to reflect and, more importantly, look forward. It seems like only yesterday we were […]

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