Target joins major retailers to item-level RFID tagging

Target is joining a growing number of US retailers with item-level RFID programs. Macy’s, American Apparel. Walmart, JC Penney, Kohl’s and Dillard’s all with programs in various stages of deployment.

“We’re now working with key vendors on a fast-tracked timeline to begin inserting a ‘smart label’ on price tags that will help Target improve our inventory accuracy and enhance our ability to keep stores in stock,” says Keri Jones, Target’s Executive Vice President of Global Supply Chain Operations.

The Target plan is to start the RFID rollout later this year in a small number of stores and expand to all stores in 2016. Jones also announced that Target is a sponsor of the RFID Lab at Auburn University which opened a new facility last week.

The Auburn partnership will explore additional ways that RFID tags can create a seamless experience between digital and Target stores.

Learn more about the RFID Lab at Auburn.