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Teaching the Workforce of the Future About Cool Supply Chain Opportunities

Content was pulled from MHI Solutions Magazine

Educators interface with the workforce of the future regularly—recruiting young people to their classrooms and curriculum, building lesson plans, explaining how theory translates into practicality, advising and networking with industry to help their students land internships and jobs. They’re acutely tuned in to students’ (and their students’ parents’) perceptions of supply chain and the careers it offers. And even though they can easily explain why supply chain is “cool,” these instructors also recognize the need to both raise awareness of the field and reshape the industry’s image. As do the researchers who study this field.

MHI Solutionsasked nearly a dozen industry thought leaders from the research and education fields (high schools, two-year trade and community college programs and four-year universities with undergraduate and graduate programs) two questions:

  1. WHY is working the supply chain cool?
  2. HOW can the industry better communicate how cool it is?

Here, we share their thoughts about how they and the industry can more widely deliver its message to attract students and others to our field.

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