The $30 trillion emerging market growth opportunity in the technology sector

Consumer demand for technology goods in emerging markets has increased dramatically in the last decade and will continue to ramp up, according to a new white paper titled “Path to Growth: Shaping Tech Sector Supply Chains in Emerging Markets.”

Combined with the fact that emerging markets in Asia-Pacific (particularly China) are by far the largest manufacturers of technology products in the world, it is clear that emerging markets will play a key role at both ends of the global technology supply chain.

The white paper makes it clear that a “regionalized global supply chain” model is emerging as the new paradigm to meet global shifts in demand. Regionalized supply chains, shortened product life cycles and shifting demographics characterize the challenges and opportunities for the technology sector in emerging markets.

For the technology sector, capturing its slice of the $30 trillion emerging market growth opportunity will require developing a scalable, flexible supply chain that meets the regulation and policy standards of every local market and is precisely engineered to support the divergent needs of these highly individualized markets.

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