The Employer-Friendly Check-List: Do you have a Professional Presence on Social Media?

by Morgan Cruz, Marketing Content Coordinator, MHI | @mhi_morgan

Social media can be a powerful tool when looking for employment. If used correctly, the result of developing a professional online presence can result in increased employment opportunities, thought leadership and even entrepreneurial opportunities. Here is how to ensure you are setting the right impression.

Embrace Self-Googling
One of the first things an employer will do is Google your name to find more information about you as a possible candidate. Why not Google your name first to see what employers are viewing? Did you find anything off-putting or discrediting? If so, take down any negative content and pictures you wouldn’t want the world to see. Unfortunately, not everything can be removed from the Web. If you find yourself with this problem, make use of social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+) by counter-acting negativity and promoting yourself in a positive light.

Establish a LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn is a business-oriented social media site that is used for professional networking all over the world. Connect with your associates, colleagues, peers and employers. Search for recent job openings and companies in your field. With 300 million users, LinkedIn offers great potential for others to view your profile including employment history and skills. This social media network is easily accessible to employers and is a quick and easy tool used to develop a professional presence online.

Upload a Professional Profile Picture
Profile pictures are a great feature in social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+) because they allow your audience to put a name with a face. Your profile picture is usually the first thing viewers see so, why not put your best foot forward with a professional profile picture? Here are some tips for taking a great profile picture:

– Avoid busy backgrounds. Solid, light-colored backgrounds are best.
– Select a recent headshot to ensure accurate representation.
– Avoid extreme bright or dark lighting. Cloudy natural light will diffuse harsh shadows.
– Upload a high-resolution image for best quality.

Communicate Respectfully and Share Interesting Content
Employers are attracted to thought leaders and constructive engagement on social media. Evaluate your communication whether it is through a blog, Twitter or comments on LinkedIn. Is your content original and interesting? Do you interact with other users respectfully? Avoid negative remarks that you will regret later and share your expertise without blatant self-promotion.

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