Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Reinvents Truck Driver Training

Virtual reality has joined trucking simulators and augmented reality systems for the ultimate driver training. This new technology is interactive and appeals to a younger generation that grew up playing video games. With hand-ons training drivers are able to develop muscle memory and experience a 360-degree street view inside the virtual reality headset.

Because the technology is digital based it can use user data to determine how successful the tools are compared with previous training methods for drivers. The use of simulators could increase the number of recent grads of truck driver training school getting hired, especially after simulators prove to help trainees improve their skills.

UPS is adding virtual reality to a week long basic training course that all new package delivery van drivers will attend. Virtual reality will be installed in nine of its training centers by the end of the year. These training simulators were created by a eight-person team of information technology and operations staff. The new system will replace touch screen based safety training modules that UPS has used since 2007.

More package delivery and trucking companies will adopt virtual reality as it becomes cheaper. Recently, electronics maker HTC cut the price of its Vive headset by $200 marking it down to $599.

With decreasing prices it’s possible that virtual reality could become useful in other fields such as law enforcement and military training.