Your ProMatDX Sponsor To Do List

by Morgan Pettrone, Marketing Communications Program Manager at MHI

It’s already mid-february and we’re two months away from ProMatDX – the most important week of 2021 for the manufacturing and supply chain industry. If you are a sponsor at ProMatDX, welcome and thank you for participating in this new digital event experience! These next two months are going to be critical to gain pre-show leads and prepare for the live event April 12-16. To make preparation as seamless as possible, we have put together a sponsor to-do list to help you stay organized and on top of every deadline.

February 17

Final ProMatDX Sponsor Showcase Deadline
Sponsors can access the portal at – Click on Sponsor Showcase. It will take you to the Freeman Lennd portal – Enter your email and create an account to get started. If you are not the designated show contact, you can request for your email to be added to the Lennd portal for access. Contact Donna Streicher or Morgan Pettrone for additional team member access. February 17 is also the deadline for several advertising and sponsorship materials – contact Alex Batty or Morgan Pettrone for more information.

Final Deadline for ProMatDX Product Demo Form(s)
This deadline is not for the actual video but for information such as title, description, product category, etc. for each of your product demos that will be used for scheduling – All ProMatDX Product Demo scheduled days/times will be as-signed in late February once all product demo forms are collected and scheduled.

Access ShowProDX Content
Visit for archived ShowProDX webinars ProMatDX resources.

March 15

Final deadline for ProMatDX Product Demo and Seminar Video MP4 Files
MHI will be sending you a link to upload these at the end of February. Product demo and seminar videos must be 10 minutes or less for demos and 25 minutes or less for seminars, be an MP4 file, max of 2GB, preferably in 1080p. Visit and click on How To’s to view information on resources on how to film your sessions. If you need assistance producing your demo or seminar videos, you have the option to work with Workerbee at an additional cost ($2,500 per video). Contact A.J. Meyers at for more information

Register your ProMatDX Sponsor Representatives
MHI will open up registration in late February and you will be able to register the number of sponsor reps included in your package.

Set up Grip Profiles and Train Your Team How to Engage with Grip
The full ProMatDX site including Grip networking will launch March 12 and your sponsor reps will then be able to go in and update your Grip profiles to prepare for the attendee “Sneak Peak Week” which will be the week of April 5-9. This is the week when we will encourage attendees to go in and make their schedules and set meetings for the week of ProMatDX. Visit and click on How To’s to view information on resources on how to engage with Grip.

April 12-16-Manage Sponsor Staff/Coverage for the Week of ProMatDX

Showcase Page Chat
Plan the times each day that you will manage your Showcase Chat. Dedicated Sponsor Showcase hours are 12:00-1:00 PM and 3:00-4:00 PM CT each day (you can list your active hours when you update your Sponsor Showcase – it defaults to the show hours 9:00 AM-5:00 PM CT).

Moderate Seminar and Product Demo Q&A
Moderate the Q&A during your Seminars and Product Demos. The Q&A will be managed through Slido so it does not have to be one of your Grip sponsor reps managing Q&A.

Set Grip Meetings with Attendees
Utilize Grip to find and engage attendees whose needs match your solution offering and conduct video meetings with specific attendees. Grip meetings can only take place April 12-18, but you can hold meetings 24/7 to accommodate international attendees. Visit and click on How To’s to view information on resources on how to engage with Grip.