Advance Your Career with Course that Illuminates Financial Knowledge

Perhaps you are an engineer or a software developer looking to move into a management role. You might be comfortable with numbers, but you have never had to manage a department budget or forecast profits. MHI’s new Demystifying the Financials course might be exactly what you need to gain confidence in a leadership role. By acquiring better financial literacy, you will be able to help your company make impactful business decisions.

Essentials You Will Learn in Demystifying the Financials Course

•  Properly reading balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow forecasts
•  Learning how to make accurate projections
•  Account for seasonality, commissions, and delinquent payment when building out your own financial model of success
•  Determine ways to improve inventory management
•  Learn about the variable and fixed costs that come with growth
•  Calculate your contribution margin to determine the break-even point of any financial decision

How Does the Course Work?

Demystifying the Financials launches on May 16. It is a 6-week, fully virtual course. All of the live sessions will be held on Tuesdays from 3-4 PM ET. If you can’t make the live sessions, we’ve got you covered. The classes will be recorded and available for you to review at your convenience. You will have access to the eLearning for a full calendar year.

Register by May 5 to save $100 on the course. There are also group discounts available if you would like to enroll your team. Learn more and register for Demystifying the Financials.