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Smart City Logistics

Smart City Logistics: Trends in Sustainable Last-Mile Deliveries

Last-mile deliveries to consumers and merchants in urban areas pose a variety of challenges for logistics companies. Today’s consumers have very high expectations when it comes to product deliveries. “There are a lot of customers today that expect the delivery […]

Harry Potter and the Magical Supply Chain

By Alex Batty, MHI Marketing Communications Coordinator |@mhi_alex At work we’ve started decorating peoples’ work space for their birthday. The head of the decoration squad does some reconnaissance and finds a personalized theme. Mine ended up being Harry Potter. If […]

Sustainable Supply Chains Are Driving Competitive Advantage

by George W. Prest, Chief Executive Officer, MHI. As more and more customers, investors and employees demand them, sustainable business practices are becoming an integral part of what makes a company and their products unique and valuable. Today, best-in-class supply […]

Semi-submersible Ships: Material Handling on a Giant Scale

By Alex Batty, MHI Marketing Communications Coordinator |@mhi_alex You guys. YOU GUYS! I was surfing the interwebs, as one does, and I came across this post: And ‘bout lost my mind. Talk about material handling, am I right? So […]

World Bank outlines global logistics worker shortage in new report

Despite the spread of automation and digital supply chain solutions, a new report by the World Bank says the global logistics industry is facing a critical shortage of skilled material handling and logistics workers able to help meet today’s complex […]

Harvey: Updates on Aid Needs and Economic Impacts

As Hurricane Irma hits and we watch carefully, the effects of Hurricane Harvey are still being felt. ALAN has declared that Harvey recovery is “uneven” and is only set to get worse with Irma coming in and pulling resources. They […]

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