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In Search of the Supply Chain Holy Grail

Content was pulled from MHI Solutions Magazine Q4.2018 By Doug Reed, EVP, Strategic Development at MHI Merriam-Webster defines the term “Holy Grail” as “an object or goal that is sought after for its great significance.” And what could be more […]

GSCI White Paper Provides Best Practices for Developing Supply Chain Integration Strategy

The Global Supply Chain Institute (GSCI) recently came out with white paper, Supply Chain Integration Strategy, that redefines the end-to-end integration of the supply chain using a more robust data-based approach. The white paper details best practices that increase value creation […]

Fire Sprinkler Codes

Learn More About Warehouse Fire Sprinkler Codes And How They Impact Rack Design

By MHI Industry Group, RMI (Rack Manufactures Institute) As RMI’s representative on the National Fire Protection Association’s NFPA 13 committee that’s tasked with the creation and revision of national standards specific to the safe design of sprinkler systems, member Gary […]

Point Versus Uniformly Distributed Loads: Understand The Difference

By MHI Industry Group, RMI (Rack Manufactures Institute) When placing loads of equal weight in storage racks, it’s important to remember that all pallets or loads are not created equal. Some pallets are designed with multiple boards—or stringers—spanning the bottom […]

Storage racks

Have Questions About Rack Design? Watch This RMI Educational Session

By MHI Industry Group, RMI (Rack Manufactures Institute) In a two-part presentation delivered by RMI during MODEX 2018, members shared insights about the current standards for the design, testing and utilization of industrial steel storage racks and answered multiple, common […]

Data Driven Supply Chains—Risk Versus Big Reward

By George W. Prest, Chief Executive Officer, MHI We can all agree that the risk of becoming a technology laggard is fraught with peril. From the famous Kodak story to more recent examples like Borders, Blockbuster and Toys “R” Us, […]

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