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Elevate Your Supply Chain Digital Consciousness at the 2019 MHI Annual Conference

Attaining elevated digital consciousness means identifying and implementing the technology and processes that will enable cost reduction, risk mitigation and improved customer experience. Attend the 2019 annual conference and take the first step toward transforming your supply chain. To learn more […]

American Welding Society

American Welding Society Standards: Why They’re Critical To Rack Safety

by MHI Industry Group, RMI (Rack Manufacturing Institute) Whether an industrial steel storage rack is comprised of structural or roll-formed steel components, the welds created in their fabrication are critical to the system’s safe and reliable performance. That’s because a […]

Find Your Supply Chain Digital Consciousness Index

For those of you who don’t know, we, in conjunction with Deloitte, release an Annual Industry Report at the trade show every year. This year’s report was titled Elevating Supply Chain Digital Consciousness and talked about the ways supply chain […]

New Video on MHI View: Farm to Table Logistics

With the emergence of ecommerce, supply chains have had to go through massive changes. Transitioning from a traditional logistics solution to a digital one, is necessary to stay competitive. Fresh products like produce or flowers provide unique logistics challenges. Unlike […]

National Safety Stand-Down Recap

Each May, OSHA holds an annual “National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls.” Across the nation and around the world, employers and employees voluntarily stop working to focus on safety concerns surrounding falls from elevation, which in construction is a height […]

The Last 50 Feet… Now Done by C3PO.

By Alex Batty, MHI Marketing Communications Coordinator | @mhi_alex So, my boss has taken to sending me emails with a link and “This has an Alex blog written all over it.” AND SHE WAS RIGHT! Good to know that your supervisor […]

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