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Article from MHI Solutions Magazine This year, I was part of a group of professors who traveled to Europe to participate in what we designated as the “Industry 4.0 Tour.” We had one goal in mind: to find the latest […]

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Need for Social and Emotional Skills Growing Along with More Automated Supply Chains

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine According to the report, “Skill Shift: Automation and the Future of the Workforce,” by the McKinsey Global Institute, the demand for social and emotional skills will grow rapidly with the adoption of advanced technologies such […]

Flex Labor to Meet Peak Demand

Guest Post By Chelsea Tarr, Kardex Remstar Ask any warehouse manager to share what’s keeping them up at night, and they’ll tell you straight out: it’s really tough to find skilled, reliable employees—heartburn inducing, even. Unemployment rates have been dropping. […]

Attracting a Millennial Workforce to Work for Your Warehouse

Guest Post By Chelsea Tarr, Kardex Remstar Baby boomers had a dramatic impact on the domestic economy, raising home ownership, consumer spending and employment rates to unprecedented heights. This was once the largest generation in America, recently being beat out […]

Going the Extra Mile to Engage Your Warehouse Workforce to Boost Productivity

Guest Post By Eric Miller, JLT Mobile Computers Maximizing productivity is the holy grail of warehouses, but there are lots of things that impact the ability to run operations efficiently. Ask yourself – what’s the greatest productivity asset in your […]


Designing Robotics with the Workforce in Mind

Robotics and automation have quickly become the supply chain and manufacturing industries’ top choice to update systems and increase productivity.   With smaller options now available, some robotics designers are adopting new philosophies: that these mobile robots are a tool […]

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