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MHI’s New Docuseries Introduces Viewers to the Supply Chain Jobs of Tomorrow

For decades, supply chains have clandestinely performed anonymously and unrecognized in spite of their criticality to delivering the goods and supplies we rely on to live our daily lives. As far as the general public was concerned, supply chains weren’t […]

The Hidden Costs of Workplace Injuries

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine According to a 2022 report from Liberty Mutual, non-fatal workplace injuries where employees lose more than five days of work cost these industries nearly $4.67 billion annually in direct costs such as workers’ compensation payments, […]

Upping the Quality of Your Talent Pool

Quality over quantity has always been a prevalent measure of excellence in the workforce. But just what happens in these trying economic times when neither of these two gauges is necessarily at an employer’s disposal? According to the annual CIPS/Hays […]

Retaining Talent

The Importance of Embodying Your Company’s Culture Through Leadership BY CAROL MILLER, MHI CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER With the war for talent at a fever pitch across every level, more organizations than ever before are prioritizing culture as a means to […]

Building Out Your Net-Zero Team

Just like safety, productivity and other key business imperatives, reaching your net-zero emissions goals won’t happen without a dedicated team pulling together, and the best way to deploy your human capital will look different depending on the nature and size […]

Redefining Cross-Department Collaboration

As supply chain organizations grow increasingly complex, many workers are serving in highly specialized roles. In that environment, the inclination can be to keep everyone operating in their lanes, focused on narrowly defined responsibilities. However, companies following that game plan […]

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