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Adapt and Grow: Content Marketing for SEO

Webinar: Monday, September 13, 2021 | 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm ET REGISTER MHI’s Mpro Community invites you to join us for our third webinar of 2021 – Adapt and Grow: Content Marketing for SEO. What do your customers do […]

Tips for How To Best Use Social Media for Your Business in 2021

Guest blog from MHI Member Company, Amigo Mobility International, INC. Written by Arielle Roth, Marketing Manager at Amigo Mobility International, INC. Social media has always been an important tool for businesses, it gives them 24/7 direct access and communication to […]

How to Successfully Align Your Marketing and Sales Teams

MHI Member Guest blog by Brian C. Neuwirth, President at UNEX Manufacturing, Inc. In theory, Sales and Marketing go together like Peanut Butter & Jelly. In fact, many companies don’t even differentiate the departments. Rather than having a “Sales” department and […]

Five Quick Tips for Event Professionals on Personal Branding

by Morgan Pettrone, Marketing Communications Program Manager at MHI 2020 brought several curve balls for professionals working in the event industry. Like the rest of the world dealing with change due to COVID-19, a great majority of event professionals have […]

Thinking Inside the Box

by Greg Baer, Director of Sales, MHI Good ideas often arise out of times of struggle. More on that shortly. As a North Carolina native (I moved here when I was 2 so I can claim this after 45 years) and […]

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The Definition of a Trade Show & Why You Could Have It All Wrong

by Greg Baer, Director of Sales, MHI Trade shows. Let us rewind to a pre-COVID-19 time and ask ourselves a question: What is a trade show? Per the all-knowing Wikipedia, “a trade show is an exhibition organized so that companies […]

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