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Aluminum + Robotics = A Solid Pair

Guest blog from MHI Member Company New Age Industrial Autonomous robots are the latest “better mousetrap” in the pick and fulfillment industry. The robots do all the traveling through the distribution centers, so the workers don’t have to. This saves […]

Keep Workers At Floor Level Safe From Falling Objects With Kickplates On Pick Modules

Blog post by Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI) Installed on elevated work platforms, pick module walkways, and rack supported platforms, kickplates (also called toe boards or toe guards) protect associates working at floor level from objects that may slide or fall […]

Why Capacity Markings Are Crucial To Overhead Handling Safety

Post by MHI Industry Group, Overhead Lifting All components of an overhead handling system — including cranes, hoists, and monorails — are designed and constructed by their original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to support a maximum rated load. Typically measured in […]

Why Amazon’s Focus On Injury Prevention Will Likely Improve Ergonomics For All Workers

Post by MHI Ergonomics and Safety When Amazon announced its new WorkingWell program — an effort to improve employee health issues and reduce the risk of injuries — in May 2021, the company’s high-profile emphasis on ergonomics established its leadership […]

How To Safely Access Pallets When Loading And Removing From Elevated Work Platforms

Post by Rack Manufactures Institute (RMI) As more operations add pick modules, rack supported platforms, and elevated work platforms to increase the throughput and capacity of their picking zones, facility owners need to be aware of safety requirements for fall […]

Hoist Chain Container Best Practices

Post by Overhead Lifting When a hoist is equipped with a load chain to lift or lower a load, there is often excess slack chain hanging from the unit. This slack load chain can interfere with the load, the adjacent […]

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