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Cobots to account for 30% of total robot market by 2027

A new market report released by Interact Analysis titled The Collaborative Robot Market – 2019 indicates strong and sustained growth for the collaborative robot industry. In 2018, global revenues from cobot production exceeded $550 million. This was almost a 60% […]

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How Small To Midsize E-Commerce Retailers Can Transition From Manual To Automated Picking

By MHI Industry Group, Warehouse Automation With all the challenges facing e-commerce retailers today, and consumer expectations for faster delivery times at no charge rising all the time, it’s become even more imperative for small and midsize online merchants to […]

Attracting a Millennial Workforce to Work for Your Warehouse

Guest Post By Chelsea Tarr, Kardex Remstar Baby boomers had a dramatic impact on the domestic economy, raising home ownership, consumer spending and employment rates to unprecedented heights. This was once the largest generation in America, recently being beat out […]


Load Handling And Elevated Work Platforms: How To Ensure Safe Access For Pallet Loading And Removal

by MHI Industry Group, RMI (Rack Manufacturing Institute) To replenish pallets of product picked by associates working in pick modules or on rack supported platforms, most facilities use forklifts to deliver the loads to a pallet drop zone at an […]

Going the Extra Mile to Engage Your Warehouse Workforce to Boost Productivity

Guest Post By Eric Miller, JLT Mobile Computers Maximizing productivity is the holy grail of warehouses, but there are lots of things that impact the ability to run operations efficiently. Ask yourself – what’s the greatest productivity asset in your […]


The Basics Of Safe Guardrails For Elevated Work Platforms

by MHI Industry Group, RMI (Rack Manufacturing Institute) To maximize the overhead space in their facilities, many operations utilize elevated work platforms, pick modules, or rack supported platforms upon which workers access stored items. Because they’re working above ground level, […]

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