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By The Numbers: Using Technology To Address Labor Issues

The persistent labor shortage is forcing many companies to accelerate the automation of their manufacturing plants, warehouses and distribution centers. This past spring, ABB and Guidance Automation each surveyed executives in the supply chain industry to see how they’re using […]

Gartner sets top supply chain tech themes for 2022

According to a recent Gartner survey of 211 supply chain professionals, 34% of respondents say that adapting to new technology is the most important strategic change supply chain they will face in the coming five years.  With the increasing pressure […]

How Standardized Location-data is Revolutionizing Global Production

Guest blog by MHI Member Company, Omlox  Introduction A fundamental change has taken place in logistics and production processes over the past few years, resulting in the need for technological innovation. Managing and monitoring the movement of assets across supply […]

Wearable Technology Use Trending Up

Article from MHI Solutions  In 1992, a portable data terminal—a handheld computer running a DOS operating system—was worn in a pack on the back of a warehouse employee who had a keyboard and display strapped to an arm in addition […]

MHI Honors Three Innovative Technologies for Transforming Supply Chains

Article from MHI Solutions Of the hundreds of transformative, game changing technologies jampacked across each and every aisle at MODEX, three supply chain and material handling solutions stood out among the 121 entries to MHI’s 10th Annual Innovation Awards competition. […]

Emerging Tech Transforming Mobile Automation

Article from MHI Solutions A lot is happening and changing in mobile automation, with emerging technologies bringing even greater value to warehouse managers and new products coming to market that are revolutionizing how mobile automation is viewed and being incorporated. The […]

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