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Robots Talking to Robots

Article from MHI Solutions As autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) assume increasing importance in the supply chain, more and more vendors are emerging to build these robots to complete specific tasks. Each of these companies’ creations is unique—based on their own […]

Improving Rack Safety Through Regular Inspections

Guest blog by Charles Carbonneau from MHI Member Company Damotech Where there are forklifts, there is bound to be damaged warehouse racking. Lift trucks, pallet jacks, and other material handling equipment are among the leading causes of damage to industrial steel […]

Can Technology Spur Culture Change?

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine Nobody would argue that new technologies haven’t played a role in enhancing safety on the job, but the ability of technology to take a company’s culture of safety to the next level might be open […]

10 Common Rack Repair Myths Debunked

Guest blog by MHI Member Company Damotech If you walk through any warehouse, chances are you have witnessed impact damage on pallet racking systems. Over 85% of rack damage occurs in the bottom 24 inches, but it can also occur at greater […]

All Eyes on Cold Chain Management

Guest blog by Robin Beesley from MHI Member Company JLT Mobile Computers Cold chain management is all about making sure products keep the right temperature at all times – from the site of production to the final destination. Since the […]

Putting an Elephant in Your Warehouse? Not as Weird as You’d Think.

By Alex Batty, MHI Content Marketing Program Manager | @mhi_alex What do elephants have to do with material handling? Actually, they could have quite an impact… but not in the way you’re thinking. Aside from the obvious metaphors about moving things […]

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