Advanced Energy Council is Focused on Advanced Energy Solutions

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine

MHI has a brand-new industry group: the Advanced Energy Council, or AEC. The group is focused on advanced energy solutions, including lithium-ion batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, and other technologies and accessories, which now includes lead-acid battery manufacturers that recently added lithium batteries to their offerings.

The idea to form the group came from Maxim Khabur, marketing director for MHI member OneCharge Lithium Batteries, who worked with MHI’s Christian Dow to make it a reality. There’s definitely a need—previously, only one industry association existed for the industrial battery industry, but the group only promotes lead-acid battery manufacturers and no other types.

“So that just meant that we needed to create a broader organization,” Khabur said. “We want transparency and de-mystification around all new technologies…

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