Amazon AGVs

Amazon Applies for Patent for Autonomous Ground Vehicles That Pick up Your Packages

Amazon has applied for a patent for an autonomous ground vehicle that picks up your packages. In this patent published January 25, “Autonomous ground vehicles (AGVs) are utilized to retrieve items from transportation vehicles (e.g., delivery trucks) for delivery to specified locations (e.g., user residences, etc.).” The idea is much like a neighborhood dog that goes to fetch the paper however, in this case it’s a neighborhood robot.

According to Geek Wire, “You could even give them (AGVs) access codes to enter your garage or go through your front door for a delivery, a la Amazon Key.” What’s more, the AGVs package compartment could even be refrigerated, which would widen the different types of goods that could be delivered. This delivery technology could help solve infrastructure problems with airships, underwater fulfillment centers, self-driving trucks and more.

Stay tuned. The future of AGVs is changing faster than we thought with solutions that we couldn’t have imagined.


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