AMRs + Warehouse Software = A Powerful Combination

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine

With operations increasingly unable to staff adequate labor to achieve their goals for higher throughput and productivity, more companies are turning to autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). These intelligent mobility platforms help warehouse operators automate various tasks—especially the movement of goods—in an efficient, cost effective, safe and collaborative manner with minimal human intervention.

“Most implementations with AMRs are intended to increase productivity by reducing the amount of time workers spend walking from task to task,” noted Clint Reiser, director of supply chain research at ARC Advisory Group, who noted that different AMR manufacturers have designed a range of robot styles for various applications.

Some AMRs travel between associates stationed in specific areas to drop off items for put-away, or to collect the picked items for transport to consolidation and pack stations, Reiser explained. Other AMRs follow a single associate through their picking path and stop at an item’s storage location for the pick; as the first robot takes away completed picks, a second takes its place. Still others present totes or shelves of items to associates for picking in a goods-to-person methodology…

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