Beyond the Glass Ceiling: Women in Tech & Logistics Webinar

Guest Blog by Sammie Ammons, Vizion

The tech and logistics space has a serious lack of female representation. To stimulate a conversation about career milestones, hurdles, and strategies for overcoming them,  we are launching the webinar “Beyond the Glass Ceiling: Women in Tech & Logistics.”  Happening September 13 at 12 PM ET,  this discussion aims to spotlight the strides women have made in this traditionally male-dominated industry.

Join us to discover how female innovators are contributing to the industry’s growth, how they’re overcoming inherent gender bias, and how they’re driving transformative changes in these sectors. Our initiative is rooted in celebrating achievements, promoting gender diversity, and carving pathways for future women leaders in tech and logistics.

The webinar promises a spectrum of insights – from inspiring stories, lessons learned, and triumphs over challenges, to blueprints for lifting others in the technology and logistics landscapes. Our esteemed panelists, accomplished women at the crossroads of tech, SaaS, and logistics, will share their wisdom and experiences.

This session seeks to inspire attendees by:

  1. Connection: Encouraging networking among women working in tech & logistics, and creating opportunities for professional growth.
  2. Engagement: Highlighting challenges faced by women in these industries and addressing them from a uniquely female perspective.
  3. Inspiration: Fostering an encouraging environment to cultivate and nurture female talent within the tech and logistics sectors.
  4. Growth: Motivating women to embrace challenges, realize their potential, and provide them the support to effect change.

We invite you to join us in this lively discussion focused on how women inspire, uplift, and make a significant impact in the tech and logistics arena. Come absorb invaluable insights from our guest speakers and build up your network of female leaders.

Beyond the Glass Ceiling: Women in Tech & Logistics
September 13
12-1 PM ET