Brave, Not Perfect: Reshma Saujani’s Message on Risk Taking

ProMat is more than booths on a trade show floor (though that’s incredibly important and please come and be an exhibitor or be an attendee to see the booths). ProMat is about helping you find the wow that helps push your company forward. Sometimes that comes in the form of finding just the right solution to your supply chain problem.

And sometimes that comes in the form of inspiring, educational content that sparks an idea that leads to an innovation in your company, whether in process or in culture.

Which is why we work hard to fill out the educational portion of ProMat, known as the ProMat Education Conference. Part of our programming includes keynote speakers each day that will bring bold ideas to hopefully open up your mind to new pathways of success.

Because material handling is all about finding the most effective pathway.

One of our keynotes this year is Reshma Saujani, Founder and CEO of Girls Who Code. Girls Who Code is an organization dedicated to closing the gender gap in technology, and they do this through programming to teach girls computer science skills, providing career pathways into the computing workforce, and creating a supportive community to help women in this industry persist and succeed. You can take a deep dive into their offerings and story at

At ProMat, Saujani is going to be speaking specifically on closing the supply chain gender gap. Because we’ve got kind of a gender gap problem in supply chain and material handling.

Which is totally understandable considering how our industry was birthed and how it works, but that doesn’t mean we can’t work to close that gap.

Saujani also recently released a book titled “Brave, Not Perfect: Fear Less, Fail More, and Live Bolder” that talks about how we need to shift the way we talk about success and what success looks like. You can check out the TEDTalk the book evolved from or read an excerpt from her new book on Fortune’s website.

Registration to attend ProMat 2019 is free, so head over to today to complete your registration and get the chance to listen to all of our educational offerings. Saujani will speak Tuesday April 9 at 8:45 AM in McCormick Place’s Grand Ballroom.