Build Your Warehousing Knowledge with New Operations Course

With the shortage of workers in warehousing and distribution centers, WERC has released a new course that quickly educates employees on operations. The Distribution Logistics Operations course is the fourth in the Distribution Logistics Education Program. It is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the intricacies of managing warehousing and distribution center operations.

Understanding the Course Content

Some of the key topics covered in the Distribution Logistics Operations course include:

  1. An overview of the differences between warehouses and distribution centers in terms of their operations
  2. The elements of inbound and outbound processes within a facility
  3. Quality Control and Inspection procedures
  4. Inventory analysis and management strategies
  5. The purpose, usage, and selection of a Warehouse Management System
  6. Building effective internal and external operational partnerships

Course Structure and Delivery

The Distribution Logistics Operations Course employs an engaging learning format, comprising interactive modules, knowledge checks, and insights from industry leaders. This remote learning course allows participants the flexibility to learn at their own pace and the location that works best for them.

Certification and Recognition

Upon successful completion of the course, participants are awarded a digital badge that can be displayed on their LinkedIn profile and email signatures. They can also earn a  WERC certificate for warehousing education by completing 6 courses in the Distribution Logistics Education Program.  Currently, these are the classes available:

Distribution Logistics Fundamentals
Distribution Logistics Equipment
Safety & Compliance
Distribution Logistics Operations

Membership Discount

If you are an MHI member or WERC member,  you will receive a $100 discount on each course.  If you are interested in purchasing the courses for your team, contact us at for a group pricing discount.


In a rapidly evolving logistics landscape, continuous and flexible learning is imperative to keep your warehousing and distribution centers running smoothly.  Additionally, these courses also emphasize the importance of safety.