Coming Together During COVID-19

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine

During this COVID-19 crisis, MHI member companies and personnel have gone the extra mile to help out where help is needed. Whether it is manufacturing personal protective equipment or providing a financial donation, organizing a fundraiser or committing a random act of kindness, these companies are looking out for the greater good of both the industry and the people involved in it.

Looking for Innovation

After being potentially exposed to the coronavirus, Steven and Eddie Wengerd of MHI member Pioneer IWS opted to self-quarantine in the comfort of their Ohio homes for 14 days, during which time much attention was directed at gleaning the news. Upon stumbling across a Wall Street Journal article, Steven became acutely aware of the projected shortage of hospital beds in the health care industry.

CFO Leon Wengerd recalls picking up the Pioneer IWS office phone to hear Eddie’s homebound query: “What if we would produce along these lines? Would this be possible?”

Pioneer IWS, like many companies in the face of the novel coronavirus crisis, promptly pivoted and retooled their manufacturing facility from work flow solutions to medical facility bedding in record time. By utilizing the company’s retrofitted work stations, the family owned Amish business was able to assemble one cot every 30 seconds.

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