COVID-19 Update from the American Logistics Aid Network

COVID-19 has facilitated the need to re-imagine every aspect of our supply chain. Founded in response to Hurricane Katrina, the American Logistics Network or ALAN, is at the Forefront of this effort connecting nodes in the supply chain to get critical supplies to the front lines and to the homes of Americans. ALAN relies on volunteer supply chain professionals like you who lend their time, equipment and expertise. 

Kathy Fulton and Mark Richards from the American Logistics Aid Network comment on the current situation and offer best practices and resources for moving forward.

“Every time that this happens to it just fills me and I’m sure others with gratitude for the folks that are out there responding and pride in our profession” says Richards.

ALAN also works with government and businesses to determine how non-pharmaceutical interventions affect supply chains.

The Department of Homeland Security has issued guidelines to determine whether your business and workforce are authorized to continue operations. You can find this information on their cybersecurity and infrastructure security agencies COVID-19 resource page. Once you have determined where you stand, you can refine a plan on how to move forward. One solution ALAN encountered was printing the exemption specific to your industry category on company letterhead and giving employees the option to keep it in their vehicles in case they are stopped. There are also numerous safety best practices ALAN is encountering during conversations with their contributors.

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