Cranes, Overhead Handling Systems Adopt New Tools to Strengthen Safety

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine

When automation first grew more widespread, the crane and overhead handling systems category was slow to adopt out of safety concerns. With time and more advances, however, that perspective has changed. Today, safety is the primary reason automation is being increasingly embraced in the field.

“With the technologies that are out there now, you’re much more apt to desire automation, and even require some form of automation, because when you automate a process or machinery, you can also add safeties in,” said Dan Beilfuss, general manager for MHI member Magnetek.

Beilfuss is president of the Crane Manufacturers Association of America, an independent trade association affiliated with the Material Handling Industry. Molly Wood, vice president of the CMAA and engineering manager for MHI member Ace Industries, said automation is part of an ongoing, decades-long effort to make the operation of cranes and overhead handling safer for workers…

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