Enhance your Leadership Qualities with the MHI Leadership Program

With the shift to hybrid work and the immense competition for talent, today’s leaders need to foster different qualities than those of past generations. According to this Gartner article, authenticity, empathy, and adaptivity are the three qualities you need to truly excel as a leader today.  MHI is committed to helping build future leaders who will thrive in the swiftly evolving supply chain industry. The MHI Leadership Program invites new and emerging leaders to tap into their potential.

A unique aspect of the MHI Leadership Program is that it gives you access to to mentors, coaches, and a network of peers who are also emerging leaders in the supply chain industry. The format of this program allows you to to learn directly from those who have successfully navigated many industry obstacles.

Program Highlights

The new cohort of classes launches on August 3rd and runs through November 2nd. The program is fully virtual and includes the following highlights:

• 8 workshop sessions
• 3 sessions led by an industry leader
• assessment and progress tracking
• 3 mentor meetings
• 1-on-1 coaching session

To learn more about the mentoring opportunities and exact format of the program, download the MHI Leadership Brochure.