Deloitte Releases Report on Supply Chain Recovery for COVID-19

Deloitte recently released a report titled “COVID-19: Orchestrating the recovery of organizations and supply chains” that details how supply chains might move from a response to recovery.

While many supply chains set up a central command center to speed up response during crises, as the crisis moves into recovery, that command center can flow into a central orchestration point. As they still have the most up-to-date information, they can appropriately channel that to the right department to manage working capital.

The report also offers solutions and tips for:
Monitoring for signals of economic rebound. This section details different indicators that will signal how the economy is doing. Monitoring these indicators on a global scale is important because supply chains are global.

Cross-functional and cross-enterprise orchestration. This section includes information on risk management, business continuity, leadership, employee well-being, the market, and synchronization of supply chains.

How to move into the new normal. The conclusion offers a reminder that this is not the first crisis supply chains have recovered from and poses questions for companies to answer as we move into the new normal.

You can read the full report at–the-recovery-of-organizations-and-supply-chains.html