Emerging Markets: Sino-Indian Trade Agreements

by Sterling J. Scott, Marketing Communications Coordinator, MHI | @mhi_sterling

China and India recently signed a series of agreements. As a part of these agreements, China has agreed to invest $20 billion in India’s infrastructure over five years. This includes railway development and modernization, the establishment of industrial parks, nuclear power, as well as greater market access to India. These agreements were the result of talks that were arranged after territorial disputes between the two countries. As two of the world’s emerging markets, a greater partnership could spark additional growth. This growth will present opportunities for investors as well as companies seeking expansion.

With improved infrastructure, comes a need for supply chain and logistics products and solutions to help businesses reach consumers. While the agreement between China and India is not a landmark deal by any means, it does represent a developing trend in emerging market countries investing in one another and boosting collaboration efforts.

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