Empowering Middle Management to Promote DEI Initiatives

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine

When it comes to nearly all corporate initiatives, support from the upper levels is crucial to generate the momentum that drives successful achievement of a goal. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts likewise require the backing of top leaders. But, as it turns out, these efforts also require the support of middle managers, who often are also the leaders stretched the thinnest and most likely to be juggling a range of competing priorities.

Recognizing this, Microsoft established a requirement for all employees to set a DEI-related professional development goal that aligns with the company‚Äôs DEI priorities. Called the “DEI Core Priority,” each employee selects a focus area, defines success metrics and shares their learning in an annual performance review. Managers are encouraged to set an example by sharing their own goals and how they plan to reach them.

The result? A 270% increase in the number of Microsoft employees who have taken optional learning opportunities outside of required DEI education.

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