Ergonomic Products Help Ensure Worker Safety

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine

The twisting, the bending, the lifting—it’s all part of a typical material handling job. But that job doesn’t have to be done without help. Ergonomic products, particularly those that help an associate lift or position items at the right height to prevent bending, are widely available. Improving the use and understanding of these products is at the forefront of the work of MHI’s Ergonomic Assist Systems and Equipment (EASE) Council.

“It’s pretty broad,” said Patrick Lippert, director of supply chain for MHI member Hamilton Caster and a member of the council. “It’s not just out in the shop, but also in our daily lives.” The goal, he said, is “products that help our work be safer, easier and less stressful on the body.”

That is a tall order, particularly when material handling requires a lot of repetitive motion. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has recently begun cracking down on warehouses for what it deems ergonomic hazards. Some states have even more stringent requirements…

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