Five WERC 2024 Sessions to Boost Your Tech Knowledge

Enhance your personal and professional growth this June by attending WERC 2024 in Dallas, Texas. Filled with educational sessions, this intimate conference lets you absorb operational efficiency insights from leaders in the warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment industry. With the rise of emerging technologies, it’s challenging to determine which solutions can actually enhance your operations. Leveraging case studies and the expertise of thought leaders, the conference program explores the best applications of new technology. Check out a few highlighted sessions you can attend below:

• Case Study: Executing a Total Network Operational Transformation
Join this session to hear how the total transformation of an entire operational network resulted in inventory accuracy improving from 55% to 99.2%! You will learn the common pitfalls to avoid when migrating from a legacy WMS to a modern solution.

• Designing Automation for a Rural Lifestyle Retailer: One Size Does Not Fit All
It’s tricky to automate operations that involve complex handling processes and a wide range of item types and sizes. Discover how this retailer selected optimal automation systems and material handling equipment.

• Digitize, Visualize, Synchronize: A Supply Chain Metamorphosis Journey
The Republic National Distributing Company wanted to manage its supply chain in real time. Hear how it digitized multiple processes and worked with external partners to attain better visibility. 

• Forecasting with Machine Learning (ML): A Plain English Explanation
ML has the potential to drive business success when applied to forecasting. In plain English, this session will explain how and why ML applies to forecasting and how it compares to non-ML forecasting techniques. 

• Learn from These Successful Robotic Deployment Strategies
The world of robotics and automation for intralogistics is advancing quickly. With a focus on autonomous mobile robots, piece picking, and learning systems, this session delivers insight into cutting-edge applications. 

WERC Members Save on Conference Fees

In addition to emerging technology, labor issues are another hot topic at WERC 2024.  Check out the full conference agenda to view more of the sessions.

WERC 2024 is held at the Hilton, Anatole in Dallas, Texas on June 2-5. Register by April 15 to save $200 on conference fees. WERC members save $400 on conference fees. To become a member and secure this discount, make sure to select the join WERC option during the registration process.

The Hilton Anatole features an expansive outdoor pool complex.