Future Workforce Spotlight: Modesto Junior College Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Workforce development and training continues to be a top concern for MHI members. In an effort to help promote the valuable connections between MHI member companies and academic institutions, we are spotlighting various programs.  Today’s focus is on Modesto Junior College Logistics and Supply Chain Management Program in Modesto, CA lead by Joseph Akpovi.

How long has your program been running?
The program was launched in Spring 2016.

How many students do you have in your program?
For the fall semester, we have over 60 students enrolled.

What is the program set up? Do you have a physical warehouse or hands-on labs?
All courses are online, except Lift Truck Training which is offered face-to-face outdoor. We offer two certificate programs and an Associate degree. We currently don’t have a facility for hands-on instruction.

How could the MHI Members help you? What information or resources do you need?
Our dream for the program is to have a physical warehouse that is used as a logistics lab where students can practice the concepts being taught, and manipulate materials handling technologies. The college is not in the position to undertake the construction of a facility without help from industry partners.

If your company is interested in partnering with Modesto Junior College, please contact the MHI Education Team at