Highlights from This Year’s Emerging Leaders Conference

By Devon Birch, MHI Director of Membership

Sam Richter kicked off the 2016 Emerging Leaders Conference with his talk, Know More! Relationships.  First, he took us to Google “kindergarten” showing us how to properly search Google. Did you know there are “mathematical equations” to better searching? So adding things like quotes, plus signs, minus signs and file extensions to your search can totally change how you utilize the web. Utilizing “Booleans” allows you to search rather than simply the Net.

Sam continued with a talk on Know More! Reputations, which focused on an individual’s online presence. I had no idea how easy it was to find details about people, companies – everything under the sun… if you know where to look. He even showed us that you can find Michelle Obama’s Social Security number! YIKES! So be careful about what you put on the internet, be sure to monitor your own name and he’s convinced me I need LifeLock!

Beth ZiesnisEmerging Leaders Conference (Your Nerdy Best Friend) took over after lunch and showed us some online tools that are pretty darn amazing. Did you know that Google Translate is now able to interpret signs through your phone??? I didn’t! Check out this video that Beth showed us. She also talked about Crystal Knows (helps you write effective emails), Last Pass (holds all of your passwords securely!), Trello (an amazing project management app) and so much more! We were definitely having some app envy during this presentation.

Our last speaker was Anne Mahlum who told us her touching and inspiring story of how she overcame a tough childhood, addiction and more to then launch Back on My Feet – a non-profit organization she founded in Philadelphia in 2007. She has since opened [solidcore], a boutique fitness company that has grown to 10 locations with more than 35,000 clients! She inspired us to think about perseverance, dedication and how expectations (others – or even your own!) should never hold you back.


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